What we do

We constantly build and maintain relationships with the strongest banks in the nation so we can offer merchants the the best rates with the best payment solutions.

We center merchants in everything we do and we love working with companies that share our ethos. Since inception we've grown our solutions suite for merchants, placing us at the forefront of payment technologies.

Meet the people behind
the product

Jacob Weaver with Cathedral Payments

Jacob Weaver

Founder & Managing Partner
Team with Cathedral Payments

Derek Sprull

VP, Finance and Strategy
Christopher Harvey
Director of Sales
Jason Alexander
Direct of Operations
Elaina Glover
Executive Administrator
Martin Karoski
Senior Developer
Jane Cooper
Lead Account Manager

Transparency is key when developing trust. We take pride answering every question truthfully and sharing every piece of data openly.


Business growth takes strong relationships. We pride ourselves in building networks for our merchants so they get the best possible solutions.


Our origins as green entrepreneurs lead us on a difficult but rewarding path that was nothing short of humbling. We understand and are here to help