Customers pay in Crypto, you get paid in USD!

Seamlessly accept digital currencies at check out and settle in USD the next day. Let your customers pay their way, never miss a sale.

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Crypto in USD payments with Cathedral Payments
Integrate the API with Cathedral Payments

The world has crypto and wants your product!

API Integration to pay with Crypto with Cathedral Payments
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We use the same KYB for setting up your MID and the Crypto processing solution. Just let us know your interested!
API Integration to pay with Crypto with Cathedral Payments
Integrate the API and set up your cart in minutes
Your customer will see the option to pay with crypto next to credit card. It reduces friction and improves the check out flow!
Intuitive Dashboard with Cathedral Payments
Start earning USD when your customers pay Crpto
As soon as a customer buys with Crypto you will be notified and the listed price will settle next day USD in your account!

Processing crypto with us is better, here's why!

FDIC compliant and international KYC Standards

Next day settlement in USD

Accept the top 8 crypto coins

Use with 125+ shopping carts

Never assume liability of Crypto

Lower fees than credit card processing

Processing crypto  with Cathedral Payments
ecommerce with crypto payments

A Crypto processing solution for everyone.

Ecommerce Crypto
Retail POS Crypto
Retail POS
Invoicing with crypto payments
Crypto exchange with Cathedral Payments
Crypto exchange
Professional crypto services
Professional services
Remittance Crypto

Safety is key, avoid the volatility!

The buyer exchange rates is automatically calculated by averaging the top 5 exchanges, so the price is always fair.

The Crypto payment is then settled to USD and directly transferred to your business bank account.

Safety with crypto payments

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