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Cutting edge virtual technology built to increase your customers cart size and decrease cart abandonment.

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Payment Gateways Fusebox

Endless online payment solutions right at your finger tips.

Custom virtual terminals
API Integration to pay with Crypto with Cathedral Payments
125+ shopping cart integrations
Chargeback and fraud prevention tools
3D Secure and data tokenization
Crypto processing
Intuitive Dashboard with Cathedral Payments
Billing and Invoicing
Surcharging and cash discounting
Data and reporting dashboard

Improve your customers online experience, here's how!

Optimize your shopping cart!
Shopify, WooCommerce, Square Space.. We are compatible with 125+ shopping carts.
Decrease cart abandonment!
Let your customers pay how they want with Crypto, buy now pay later, invoicing, and subscriptions.
Increase cart size!
Use our customer vault to tokenize and store customer card information so they can repeat buy.

"Square froze our funds with no warning.. Cathedral got us processing again and they're saving us tons of money too!"
- Rob Lewis

Square, Stripe, and PayPal are notorious for freezing businesses funds without warning or explanation. Not only can we secure lower processing fees, we can set you up with a merchant account that you own so no one can touch your hard-earned money!

Rob saved $3,200.00 in the first month he brought his nutrition company over to Cathedral!

A free rate review could save you thousands. Rob wasn't getting any answers from his payment processor so he started shopping. When he had a quick consultation with one of our account specialists he realized how much he could be saving. Now every month he funnels the $3,000 in extra savings back into marketing to grow his business!

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Satisfied customer from nutrition company

What to expect from your payments dashboard.

Full transaction reports

Transparent fee breakdown

Chargeback dispute ticketing

Fraud prevention tools

Monthly revenue reports

Customer data vault

Invoicing and subscriptions designer

Cash discounting and surcharging controls

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