What makes Cathedral Payments better?

We started this company with three simple goals
1. Make getting a merchant account accessible and easy
2. Lower processing fees for every business
3. Offer cutting edge payment solutions
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What are your processing fees?

Our rates range from 2.3% + .10 per transaction for low risk up to 3.8% + .10 per transaction for high risk like CBD. All rates are simple flat rate pricing with no set up fees. We will always beat Square, Stripe, and PayPal.

How long does it take to set up my merchant account?

Setting up the Merchant ID and processing payments takes 2-5 business days. As an ISO we work directly with the bank to offer lightning fast underwriting. Owning a true merchant account couldn't be faster!

Can I accept payments in store and online?

Yes, both! We have cutting edge Point of Sale systems for in store or on-the-go business and cutting edge Virtual Terminals for every online business. Additionally, we offer BNPL, tap-to-pay, invoicing, recurring payments, and crypto solutions!

Can I open a merchant account as a "High Risk" business?

Yes! We specialize in high risk like CBD, Supplements, and MLM. By leveraging our large book of high risk businesses and health relationships with acquiring banks we are able to achieve the most competitive rates in the industry!

Do you offer Surcharging or Cash Discounting to eliminate fees? 

Yes! We have both Surcharging and Cash Discounting solutions that can lower or eliminate fees completely. Depending on your specific business structure and location we can work with you to determine the best program for you!

Do you offer a payment dashboard with fraud protection tools?

Yes! We have an intuitive payments dashboard that lets you access and control powerful fraud protection tools. You can easily view your processing fees, dispute chargebacks, set fraud filters, and build customer profiles all within your dashboard!

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