Eliminate your card processing fees, with Zero Fee!

Never pay fees again. Take advantage of new federal regulation that lets you pass on your fees.

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How does the Zero Fee program work?

Fees are removed at time of sale
Our software removes processing fees by incorporating them into the sale, passing them to the customer at the time of sale
Customers with cash are rewarded
Every customer that pays with cash avoids paying the 3.9% fee for card processing
Your business keeps 100% of the sale
Customers can pay for the convenience of using a credit card letting your business earn every cent

Free set up so you can accept credit cards for free today.

our quick set up lets you start processing payments for free right away.

Free pre-programmed payment terminal

No cost app process and onboarding

What is the Zero Fee Program?

A way to eliminate your monthly card processing fees! The Zero Fee Program is a federally approved system that completely eliminates card processing fees by rewarding customers who pay with cash. The customers that use a credit card pay the small card fee at the time of checkout.

What type of business can use the Zero Fee Program?

All businesses! This program works for any business that accepts credit card payments. You can accept $5,000 or $500,000 per month in credit card payments, we can always eliminate your fees.

Here are the most common business types we work:
Auto Repair Shops
CBD Shops
Food Trucks
Grocery Stores/Liquor
Dry Cleaners
Auto Spas
Nail/Hair Salons
Coffee Shops
Boutique Stores

How does onboarding work for the Zero Fee Program?

Three simple steps!
1. Submit our app and checklist and a specialist will set up your Zero Fee Processing account.
2. Receive a free payment terminal with basic explanation signage for your front door and checkout.
3. Start processing like normal and never pay fees again!

Is selling with the Zero Fee Program complicated?

No! Zero Fee processing is built in. Not only do we make is simple and lighting fast to set up, using the program is even easier. The program is built in with your terminal so you don't have to calculate or keep track of anything, it is all done automatically.

Will customers say anything?

No! Customers don't mention the small fee because they understand how expensive it is to run a business today and they are happy they can use their credit card. Customers always have the option to pay with cash. The businesses we work with couldn't be happier and don't report back any negative impact with their customers.

What if I want to stop using the Zero Fee Program?

No Problem! We can switch you back to a traditional pricing structure immediately. Our job is to set you up with the processing solution that you like best.

Is the Zero Fee Program legal?

Yes, absolutely! Our program uses Cash Discount which if Federally Legal in every state. Our system is approved and automatically follows federal requirements exactly.

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